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Teachers: Earn a $50 Stipend

Teachers to Earn $50 Stipend

Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE), is offering a $50 stipend to 100 teachers who will submit the pre and post test results to TCEE by May 21, 2012. Teachers who qualify are those who have been trained by TCEE on personal financial literacy since February 2011.

Why does TCEE want your test results?

  • To encourage teachers to jump start their students’ understanding on how to make wise decisions as a consumer and as a saver.
  • Learning how to save will encourage students to save money for college.
  • The data will provide TCEE with needed information to analyze our program and resources. 

What steps do I need to take to earn the $50 stipend?

1. Notify Cindy Manzano of your participation at cindy@economicstexas.org.  She will provide the teacher with an agreement form, reporting form, an age appropriate pre and post test, and a sample invoice.
2. Administer a Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) pre test to at least one class during the 2012 spring semester .
3. Provide instruction on PFL to the group of students who take the PFL tests, hopefully with the resources provided by TCEE.
4. Administer the post test.
5. Complete the reporting form (1 per class) and invoice.  Send to Cindy via fax at 713.655.1655 or email to cindy@economicstexas.org no later than May 21, 2012.