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Building an Economy: The Texas Experience

Lessons included:

1. Understanding the Free Enterprise System
2. Texas Native American Groups: Economic Patterns
3. European Exploration of Texas: Economic Motivation
4. Early German Immigration to Texas: Economic Patterns
5. Anglo-American Colonization in Texas: Economic Motivation
6. Scarcity and Invention: Barbed Wire comes to Texas
7. Transportation in Texas: The Role of the Railroad
8. From Windmills to Wind Farms: Harnessing the Texas Wind
9. Cotton Industry in Texas
10. Boom towns: A Result of Oil Discovery
1 1. Food and Fiber – Making a Living in Texas through Agribusiness
12. Flying High: Aeronautics and Aerospace Industries of Texas
13. Technology in the 21st Century and the Texas Economy
14. Imports and Exports: Texas and the World

Download: Building an Economy – The Texas Experience


Texas Eras & Individuals – Through the Economic Looking Glass

The objective of Texas Economics - Eras and Individuals is to provide supplemental materials that can be used to support an already established curriculum in language arts and social studies. These lessons are designed to be used independently of each other and can fit into the existing scope and sequence, as appropriate.  These lessons are designed to meet the objectives of economic educators while at the same time preparing students for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam. Instead of assuming a competition for the time to integrate economics into the classroom, this publication recognizes the ability of using economics to teach mandated curriculum.

The lessons in this publication are designed for teachers who might not have a basis in economic training. As a result, these lessons contain detailed procedures, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the teacher. Each lesson also has extension activities, allowing for individualized assignments. Texas Economics - Eras and Individuals will increase a teacher's confidence in teaching economic concepts and will provide meaningful examples and activities for the students. With subjects including the cattle drives, king cotton, rail expansion, oil and boomtowns, the great depression and dust bowl, urbanization, and current day tourism, economics is brought to life for the students.

Download: Texas Economics — Eras and Individuals

Texas Entrepreneurs

Texas Entrepreneurs: Lessons in Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise

Lesson 1 from Texas Entrepreneurs focuses on entrepreneurs such as Michael Dell, Mary Kay Ash, Ross Perot, Herb Kelleher, Howard Edward Butt and Mark Cuban.

Lesson 2 from Texas Entrepreneurs focuses on the development of the cattle industry and incorporates a case study of Colonel Charles Goodnight. Although the material is Texas-based, the development of that industry and the study of how the railroads and development of new technology affected the industry can easily be incorporated into the 1836 - 1900 period of time.

Download: Texas Entrepreneurs: Lessons in Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise